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Stuart Burchill!

I wrote that slogan for the first company I formed when I started my adventure in the nanotechnology space and it still is the core DNA of everything I invent and every company I run. My focus has been on creating technologies that simultaneously increase the energy efficiency of buildings and machinery, protect those same buildings and machinery from degradation. My latest work, which has resulted in multiple new products, has produced products that accomplish those objectives and also increases the safety of the people who operate the machinery or work and live in buildings. My rule is that everything we sell is protected by patents or patents pending. To date, everything we sell has been created by myself and my team. If someone has an idea or IP that is interesting and effective and is interested in working with us to create and commercialize the technologies, please contact us at the link below.


Thank you to all the great scientists I have had the privilege of working with and continue to work with and to all the great businesses who are forward-thinking and innovative and adopt the technologies that I and my teams create.

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WE ARE THE PEOPLE who bring the best of science to the world’s great companies.


Stuart Burchill
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